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Employment Opportunities
Title: PAVE HOURS (Parents Active in Volunteering in Education)
Description: VOLUNTEERS

Volunteer Requirements, Options, and Guidelines
1. At BridgePrep Academy, each family is required to complete 20 volunteer hours prior to the last day of the school year.
2. Due to mandates from Miami-Dade County Public Schools, all parents wishing to volunteer must participate in the School Volunteer Registration Program and must be cleared through Miami-Dade County Public Schools before permission to volunteer is granted. This mandate includes clearance for volunteers in school events such as book fairs, fundraising activities, etc.
CLICK HERE for more information on registering.
3. Parents must also be cleared to chaperone fieldtrips. This requires signing up on the parent portal AND providing a copy of the driver's license in the main office.
4. It is the responsibility of the parent to communicate with their child’s teacher to complete the hours required by BridgePrep Academy.
5. Parents will receive a PAVE Book to record their family volunteer hours. It is the parent’s responsibility to track, record and acquired authorized signature for their hours.
6. Parents may complete hours by any of the following:
• Assist the teacher
• Be a guest speaker
• Chaperone field trips
• Organize special events
• Tell/read stories
• Make educational games
• Donate to the teacher’s wish list (no cash or checks will be permitted, gift cards accepted)
7. Any parent/guardian who would like to volunteer in the classroom must inform the classroom teacher prior to volunteering. Approval from the administration must be confirmed before parents will be allowed to enter classrooms.